Waiting for Winter

Christmas at Casa Stephens Interiors/Photo David Fulller

Hauling in the tree

Christmas at Casa Stephens Interiors/Photo via David Fuller

Snow Bunny

Casa Stephens Interiors/Photo via David Fuller

Cold Nose

Casa Stephens Interiors / Photo via David Fuller

Little Helpers

Casa Stephens Interiors/Photo via David Fulller


Casa Stephens Interiors/Dream House/Photo Via David Fuller

Dream House

Christmas Wreath/Photo via David Fuller

Christmas Wreath

Casa Stephens Interiors/Secret Garden Entrance/Photo via David Fuller

Secret Garden Entrance

Casa Stephens Interiors/Balance/Photo via David Fuller


Casa Stephens Interiors/Snowy Chair/Photo via David Fuller

Snowy Setting

Casa Stephens Interiors/Antlers/Photo via David Fuller


Casa Stephens Interiors/Pretty wreath/Photo via David Fuller

Evergreen Wreath

We’re an entire week into December here in the northern region of Texas and while it’s extremely rare for us to encounter snow or anything nearly as beautiful as the images above, it has been unseasonably warm for this time of year…I’m talking nearly 80 degrees! My son was in California all last week where it was cold and rainy and here, we had beach weather without a beach.

I’m yearning for weather to match the season. All of my Christmas decorations are out and begging for a reason to make hot coco and snuggle near the fire. Hopefully next week…

In the mean time, I’ll have to settle for these stunning images by David Fuller to inspire me. Someday, I hope to live in a place where it snows for Christmas (I know you northerners are just shaking your heads at me like some poor misguided little idiot). I know, I know. But it sure is pretty.

To see more of Mr. Fuller’s stunning photography, click here.


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