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Good morning, friends. I’m sitting here while it’s extremely early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee getting ready to slay my daily dragons and found myself honing in on some details I have been meaning to draw attention to. Today, it’s art in multiple display. This is one of those design tricks that looks so effortless but can be extremely complicated to pull off. These are examples of how it’s done, oh so right!

One of the biggest mistakes I see on the perverbial photo gallery wall that we all seem to have is a lack of unity. What I love about these images is that they hall have a unifying factor which is what makes them work together so well. Think color…it could be the frames all speak to each other or the color scheme of the subject matter. They don’t all have to match but I would suggest that if you are doing a gallery wall of family photos that you unify them by frames. If you are more daring, pull together your art the way you would a collection of pillows: they don’t all have to match (the most interesting ones don’t) but they should work well together in a tightly layerd space. When it’s done right, this is such an impactful statement that is one of a kind and unique to your space alone.

I hope your week has started off strong and that you have a productive and happy day!

I’m attaching my attitude to this today:


Crazy? You bet!



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