Thankful Thursday

Today I am so excited to be fabric shopping for the nursery I’m working on with my good friend, Traci.
Traci has a 4 year old little girl, who is A-DORABLE and she’s about to have a new baby sister in a few months.  So we’ve got things to do!
What are you thankful for today?
We had lots of rain this week and my yard is looking amazing.
It’s so pretty right now.  I’m thankful for Spring!
 I think Cali is too.
My little guy learned how to ride his bike this past weekend!
Part of me is sad that this is my last baby watch accomplish this milestone moment.
But more than anything, I’m thankful he has taken another step towards growing up and its so fun watching his world open a little wider.
I’m thankful that my husband loves me even though I’m not perfect.
I make mistakes, I say the wrong thing more often than I’d like and I wake up every day thankful that he puts up with me.
Have a spectacular day filled with grace, eye opening experiences and be sure to stop and appreciate the goodness around you!

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