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San Francisco Love


The first time I visited this amazing city, I will never forget. I was probably around 7 or 8 and my parents and I were on a west coast camping extravaganza for the summer. We were camped somewhere near the Redwood Forest and drove our camper truck into the city. I held on tight up in my bunk bed above the cab of the truck, laying on my stomach as I always did, watching out the large rectangular window as my dad carefully hugged the curvy road that would lead us there. As we came around the bend, there she was: The Golden Gate Bridge, in all her glory with the most amazingly scenic city shining behind her.

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First stop: Galveston

Trube Castle

and I’m not sure what’s up with this weather!  Funny how just a few weeks ago I was complaining about how warm our Texas weather was…where was the Christmas-ness?

Fast forward a few weeks to our cruise to Cozumel, where we spend 5 days on the ocean, enjoying 80 degree weather and fruity drinks on the water with umbrellas in them and I can say,  I wasn’t missing winter AT ALL!

I’m getting  ahead of myself though…

Before we sailed off onto the ocean blue, we spent the morning in Galveston.

May I say, what a fascinating town!  So much history and unusual culture.   At one time, it was the hub of all things international, imports, exports, etc.  There was a LOT of money made there by immigrants who saw unlimited opportunity and in doing so, they built homes that told the world of their success.

I wish we’d had  more time to explore the streets but here’s a peak at what caught my eye: (click to see more…)

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