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Wednesday Color Inspiration: Gray and Green

Interior Designer Kay Douglas

As we are about to kick off painting the new Casa, I’ve narrowed down the gray colors I want to use throughout the  house.  In our last home, we used Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray in the majority of the house and Dovetail in the dining room.  I LOVED it so much but I want the new colors to have two things:  1) I want the main color through out to be lighter because our natural light is not as bright as the last space and 2) I want a bit more of a dramatic contrast between grays.  That said, I’ve decided on some similar colors that really picked up the gorgeous grays  that are running all through the granite we just installed in the kitchen: Repose Gray and Gauntlet Gray.  Repose Gray is one shade up from Mindful Gray and Gauntlet Gray is one shade deeper than Dovetail.  The darker colors will anchor the living room on either side, defining the space while the lighter will bring in the much needed light.

In searching for gorgeous gray inspiration, I found myself constantly drawn the one more color to throw into the mix.  (Click here to see the full post…)

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Progress at Casa Stephens

Kitchen remodel updated with paint

You know, it’s funny how often I get asked by clients and friends who may never have visited my house yet what my OWN home looks like.  Those of you who have been to my house know that I’m no different than a lot of people, my house is a constant work in progress.  I highly doubt it will EVER be completely finished to the point of perfection and that is simply because, again like many of you, I live on a budget and can only do what I can do.

My house is not huge, in fact, it’s rather tiny by Texas standards but I love it just the same.  The most important thing for me, when decorating a home, is to give the house and the people who live there a voice of their own.  I don’t want it to look like anyone else’s and I want it to have CHARACTER, even it it has the same floor plan as 50 other homes in the neighborhood.(to read more, click here…)

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