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Thanksgiving Countdown

Photo via Decoist

It’s Thanksgiving week!  I’m so excited…I LOVE this time of year and this holiday in particular.  I have so many awesome memories of spending time with our extended family in Redding California back when we were still living in southern Cal. Since moving to Texas, we obviously don’t have as many opportunities to make that […] Read more…

My Christmas Dining Room


My dining room is slooowwwwllllyyyyy beginning to take shape. This is one of those rooms that sadly, I haven’t paid nearly enough attention to which is ridiculous because it’s the first room you see when you walk in through the front door.

After breaking out the holiday decorations this past weekend I suddenly became inspired to begin working out the details and putting together a real design plan. (click on the post title to see more)

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No One Says Happy Holidays Sweeter Than Darth Vader


Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Is it me or are the first few days back to work after a long holiday weekend just the worst? Ugh!

We spent Thanksgiving day preparing all kinds of food to take to my sister-in-law’s house (and by “we”, I mean “I”. You know how that goes) only to decide at the last minute we could’t possibly go because our little guy started running a slight fever. Thank GOODNESS our neighbors across the street still had their turkey deep fryer out (that sounds so redneck, doesn’t it?). Within an hour, we had a deep fried turkey and all the sides I had been preparing all day and voile! Thanksgiving dinner for 4. (click on the post title to read more)

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