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Feeling Frenchie: Dining Room and Office Edition


Happy Monday to you! We’re continuing on with our search for French inspired design and today we’re focusing on the dining room and the office area. Just a reminder, these are not entirely French but I picked them because they have that old world European flavor that we are trying to incorporate into the design scheme of the house we are working on. So without further adieu, Bon Appetit!

(click to see more beautiful images)

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Staying on Task

Happy Thursday, friends!

This week is just flying by and can you even believe September is nearly  over?  I blinked and Bam!  It was gone.

And because it is this time of year, I have to throw out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby sister, Robyn.

I can’t figure out how it is that she keeps getting older but I am the same age…huh.

Can we say Denial?

(Ok, I know I can pronounce it but I refuse to acknowledge it)

Happy birthday, sweet sister.  I love you!

Now I have a question for you.  Remember I told you how I’d like to have a desk on the newly stenciled living room wall?  (read more here…)

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