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Instagram Invitation

I’m always so amazed by the level of talent in the blogging community.  Aren’t you? This week I’ve been especially inspired for some reason.  Maybe it’s the hits of warmer weather and the official arrival of spring but I’ve found myself particularly optimistic about the beauty and creativity I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Here […]

Tasty Tuesday


Sunday football and cooking just seem to go together for me.  I LOVE hanging out in the kitchen putting together something fun for dinner while the game is on (at our house, that’s ALL DAY).

This past Sunday, I broke out a pork loin I’d been defrosting in the refrigerator, seasoned and seared it then threw it into the crock pot with some onions and chicken stock then hung out with the family for the rest of the day.  To go with it later on, I found this recipe from Trisha Yearwood and it could not have been a better compliment to our pulled pork sandwiches nor could it be any easier to put together, or more delicious. (click here for the full recipe…)

Quinoa Lover

Hello friends!  Still here in our little hotel in Houston.  Only 12 days until we move into the new Casa.  No one has died thus far and we’re doing a pretty good job of keeping our sense of humor in tact (most of the time).  This week we’ve had the hotel fire alarm go off 4 times…no fire, thank goodness but when it’s the sound you wake up to first thing in the morning, it’s not exactly ideal. (click here to read more…)

Smoothie Challenge

Smoothie of the Day

As you may or may not remember, I posted at the beginning of the year that one of my goals for this year is to lose the unmentionable amount of weight I’ve gained since turning 40 and moving to Texas.

I’ve started this journey several times as many people do, failing to meet my goal.  This time, I’ve tried something new.  My sister in law embarked on a similar journey this year and has lost a remarkable 20 pounds!  Another friend of mine, Lauren (click to see her progress) also used the same approach with spectacular results so of course, my interest was more than a little peaked!  Both of them did the Advocare 21 day Challenge so with Mother’s Day approaching I told my husband that was what I wanted! (click here to read more)

Cupcakes Anyone?

Today is my birthday! So funny because I think this is the first time in my life that I had actually forgotten about it until my husband asked me what I wanted for my special day. Truthfully, I think it stops be so special after 40 but I then remind myself that every day above […]