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Feeling Frenchie: Dining Room and Office Edition


Happy Monday to you! We’re continuing on with our search for French inspired design and today we’re focusing on the dining room and the office area. Just a reminder, these are not entirely French but I picked them because they have that old world European flavor that we are trying to incorporate into the design scheme of the house we are working on. So without further adieu, Bon Appetit!

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Barcelona Love


I’ve always had a total love affair with Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair.

Van der Roe designed this piece for the 1929 Barcelona Exposition and the rights to manufacture the chair were acquired by Knoll in 1953.

There have been many knock off variations inspired by this classic design but the original will always be considered a work of art and a timeless classic. (click on the post title to read more)

Details in Black


As much as I am all about crips white details, I can’t help but also love white’s antithesis, black.

Black details are rich and serious and add dramatic weight to a room in a way that no other color can do in the same graphic manner. (click the post title to read more)

Ode to the Tulip (table)

                  Designers and clients alike have had a love affair with Eero Saarinen’s pedestal collection, a.k.a., the Tulip table since it’s creation in 1965. I first fell in love with this design back in college when I started studying the brilliant architect/designer’s life and all of the […]