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It’s not big secret that designers love nothing more than stumbling across a really awesome vintage piece of furniture.  It’s also no secret that finding an incredible deal on said piece is like hitting the jack pot.  You may be wondering how and where these deals are found.  Fact is, they’re often sitting in someone’s basement or grandmother’s house and have only just recently been deemed worthy of finding a new home by their owners. These seemingly randomly timed decisions almost appear out of nowhere and if you’re lucky and even more, if you’re persistent about searching sites like LocalMart, you just may find something extra special.

Keep in mind, you will often (but not always) need to be willing to put a little extra money into upholstery or paint/stain but there are some incredible deals out there to be had that are just waiting for your signature.

I’m in LOVE with the lines of this sofa and while the price may be a little steep at $595, keep in mind, that’s just the asking price.  Depending on how badly the seller needs the money or the space, they’re often more than willing to negotiate.

This 1950’s Danish modern chair looks like it’s in pretty good shape and depending on the color scheme of your plan, this would work beautifully with a number of styles.  Thanks to  Mad Men, these are becoming harder and harder to find without paying an arm and a leg for them.

I would put these in my car right this second if I saw them in person.  They add a touch of gloss and whimsy and since I’m in a total green phase right now, they’d be right at home in my house. $150

This is an example of a piece you may have to be willing to show a little extra love to.  What I love about it is it’s clean modern lines.  I would paint this in a glossy black and possibly do a vintage mirror treatment to the glass to glam it up a bit.  For $20, it would totally be worth it.


Here’s another cute little table that has amazing lines.  For my purposes, I think I would either paint this in a dark glossy green or possibly bring in some metallic gold. $75

Put them all together along with a gorgeous rug, a statement piece of art and some basic accessories and you just might find yourself in a pretty amazing space


So what about you?  Have you tried LocalMart?  I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the goodies I found on there and I will be keeping it in my resource file for future projects.

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Have an awesome day!

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Disclosure:  This post was kindly sponsored by Local Mart however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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