Project Update

I can’t believe how fast this month is flying by!  
Do you realize it’s nearly summer?  Did we have a winter?????
I’ve been busy busy busy working with clients and lining up the painters, the upholster, buying accessories, etc…I love my job.
After considerable thought in regards to immediate priorities, my client opted to wait on the fabrics for her daughter’s room, which is totally understandable.  
I always advise, when working on a budget to focus on the rooms you spend the most time in as a family, so we’re concentrating on the main living areas.  
That doesn’t mean, however that you can’t store your ideas away for the future:
Option 1
 Option 2
Option 3
What little girl doesn’t love some lavender goodness?
What I love about all of these options is that they aren’t strictly little girl fabrics, they can grow past her current 6 year old taste into her tweens and possibly beyond.
I love decorating for the future as well as the present.  I always ask myself, is this something that will still be current 4 or 5 years from now and if not, what can we do to get as much mileage out of the patterns as possible.
Hope you are having a lovely April.  
I’ll try my best to post before May rolls around!!!
At this rate, I should have lots of goodies to share, the question is WHEN will I share it?

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