Happy Black Friday To Ya!


Good gracious, I adore a well done black room. I haven't had the opportunity to do this myself as of yet but I'm absolutely dying to attack a project like this. There are so many factors go into producing this look in a successful way, namely lighting and architecture. My house, personally, has little of either so my own home isn't a contender for this (maybe the next one…) but I just KNOW there is someone out there, a potential client who is courageous and stylish and has the brave desire for something rich and sexy like this (hint, hint…)

Good luck to those of you who are braving the malls today. I did that once, years and years ago and haven't been out there since. I'm not made for that kind of hunting. I do my damage online, thank you very much.

Remember to be kind to the people working retail this season. You have NO idea the kind of abuse they take this time of year and by the time Christmas arrives, they've been all but beaten from a post. They have families and loved ones too. A genuine, “hey, thanks for your help. You were awesome” goes further than you can know.

I hope you had a fantastic Thanks Giving and have the opportunity to slow down enough to enjoy this holiday season. I LOVE this time of year!

Remember, if you would like help creating a lovely space for you and your's, I'm just an appointment away!



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