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Have you ever looked at a beautiful photo of someone’s travels to exotic or unusual places and thought, “Yes, I could live there”?

Guess what, in a way you can!

We are finally gearing up to get our interior painted (I know, I’ve been talking about it forever but this time….) and I have found the colors I want to use…or have I?

Like a LOT of people getting ready to repaint, it’s a commitment, right?  What do you choose that you can live with for the next 4-7 years?

I am transitioning from the blue/greens into the sultry grays and came up with these selections from Sherwin Williams:

(This just happens to be my favorite city in the entire world)

San Francisco Grays

I hadn’t even considered incorporating navy blue into my color scheme but, uh..hello!

This is so rich and moody, exactly what I’m trying to achieve!


That Gale Force is fantastic.  I love the soft transitions from gray to gray/green.  The combination is really nice.

Above the clouds

A little on the blue side for what I’m going for but I love this group together.  I can see this in my parent’s house (hello Mom!)


Also more color than I’m looking for in my own home but I would LOVE to do this somewhere else!

(Robyn, are you reading? This is SO you!)

Golden Gate

Then, this got me thinking…I absolutely love these colors together. I am obsessed with  gold and gray together and I can promise you this, there will be gold!

(as in Golden Gate…did I mention SF my favorite place on the planet?  Expect some 49er shout outs to come…sorry in advance)

At any rate, I know I’m getting closer to my ideal even if I do have too much to chose from.  I find that in doing color consultations, most people KNOW what they want they’re just overwhelmed with the choices out there and thank goodness for choices, right?  It’s not a horrible problem to have.  My job is to listen carefully and translate the desired out come into reality and I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it so if you live in the DFW area and need help honing in on your color scheme, shoot me an email.  I’d LOVE to help!

I also wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the supportive emails many of  you sent to me about home schooling.  Today was day three and it was so encouraging. There have been little/major breakthroughs each day which are sheer magic for us and  I’m really happy with our decision.

I am confident I can both teach him and work with you at the same time.  This is all working out very nicely and we are in store for some very exciting stuff!

Have a great Thursday, friends!

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