Golden Globes = My version of football Play-off’s

I LOVE award season the way my husband loves NFL play off season.
Simply put, the Golden Globes are my play offs and the Academy Awards are my 
Super Bowl.

Hosted by Ricky Gervais (who I thought was super funny at first then had to  agree with RDJ, who called him out onstage as being pretty mean spirited.)  
I will say that his tux was one of my favorites of the night.
I laughed pretty much throughout his whole bit, even though it was at times, uncomfortable laughter, such as when he introduced Bruce Willis at Ashton Kucher’s dad.  Even Bruce seemed a bit flustered at this as he stumbled over his intro.  I can’t help but worry that Bruce and his friends may have been planning to jump Ricky after the show.

There were some fairly predictable themes for the night, the first being the color black which, with a few exceptions, I found a bit boring.  
These were NOT boring:
I’m fairly certain that this dress on anyone else would have looked just plain awful, but this is Halle Berry we’re talking about.  She could wear tin foil and it would some how work.
Couples wearing black were pretty much a cop out, in my opinion.   
It’s hard to screw that up but somehow, they did:
Jesus in a tux…blah.  You are no Johnny Cash, Christian Bale.
Mark’s tux is pretty generic but that dress he’s next to makes it look tacky somehow.
This however, is how you dress as a couple in black right.  
Simple, elegant and timelessly beautiful together.
Of course, it’s absolutely NO fun without the usual class clowns
Helena NEVER disappoints.  What I wouldn’t give to spend a year at the Burton/Bohem-Crarter home.
Julianne, I LOVE you but WHY?   Pick a sleeve…on or off!
Michelle honey, you’re not 13 anymore.  You can pixie cut your hair for the rest of your life but no one is going to buy the fact that your not a woman in your 30’s now.
Speaking of young who got it right:
14 years old and manages to look more sophisticated than Michelle Williams without looking like she’s trying to be 25.  Gorgeous.

Beautiful, fresh, soft.  
I LOVED the green colors against the red carpet
Gorgeous draping
Kind of a predictable silhouette for her but it works and I LOVE the color on her
Gorgeous as always but I did kind of feel like I had seen this in a movie somewhere…
There’s a plantation in Georgia missing it’s window coverings.
I Love seeing how the curvier girls dress for events like this (by curvy, I mean normal)
STUNNING on her frame
I think I would have liked this better without the giant poof on her shoulder and in a different color.  Red on red on red…she disappears!
Some of the curves were actually baby bumps.   Jane looks gorgeous
I absolutely LOVE this dress on Natalie Portman.  I love the way it draped in the back but I am not a fan of the rose in front.  It would have been so perfect had they left that off and just let her jewelry be the color accent.
Ok, awards for the following:
Most Disappointing Fashion Appearance
It’s a tie
Sandra, I LOVE this dress but your hair is HIDING IT!  Your bangs are ginormous and it left me wondering if you had a bad acne break out on your forehead you were trying to cover up.  
And Nicole…come on, you were the face of Channel, for crying out loud!
We expect more from you.
Tackiest dress of the night:
Good grief, XTina…your dirty girl days are behind you.  You are a mother now.  You can still be sexy without looking like Victorian show girl.  Burlesque is just a movie…leave your work at the office.
Most confused for the prom:
This is probably more personal for me than anything.  When I heard about how she snubbed poor little Hailee Steinfeld on the lot they were shooting at while filming True Grit, I’ve taken issue with her.  The dress is pretty but there’s something overly prom-esq about it that makes me not like it.  Maybe more of an Oscar dress…but then again, she’s not going to the Oscars, so whatever.
Best dress to make me stop and ask, “Do I like this or not?”
And the answer is, YES, I do like it, sequenced poncho and all.
Runner up:
 I know others will disagree with me on this, but I LOVE this look on Tilda.
It feels very Ralph Lauren to me and I just wish she had worn a fabulous jewel encrusted belt with it because it feels unfinished.  I think she looks amazing (in spite of the awkward wink).
Couple most likely to have been fighting all night long:
Brian seemed genuinely irked every time the photogs would ask him to get out of the shot.  Something tells me he was not happy about being overshadowed by his bombshell of a wife.

Most beautiful bride of Frankenstein:
Fabulous dress and it took me a minute but the hair grew on me

Best use of sequence:
Stunning, sleek and shiny
Best Poofey Dress:
Olivia takes the sparkly birthday cake for young and fabulous.

Best Vava VOOM!

STUNNING and tasteful (are you listening Xtina?)

Best “I want to look like that someday”
Elegant, although I think the necklace makes her look a bit over accessorized.

Hottest/Best Dressed Man:
Surprised?  Probably not.  No one else could pull this off. Johnny just exudes cool.

Best Effortless Natural Beauty:
Clair was made for Calvin Klein
And speaking of Calvin,
My pick for Best Dressed OVERALL
Emma Stone…GORGEOUS, Simple, Elegant, STUNNING
She was the picture of perfection.

I think that in an age when we are down sizing and determining what is necessary and comfortable in life, what is excessive and expendable, this dress, this look personifies simplicity at it’s best.

Love everything about it and I adore her.
If you haven’t watched “Easy A” yet, go rent it this weekend.  SO cute and funny and I’m excited to see where her career goes.
Well done, Emma (and her stylist)
So, that’s it from the red carpet until the Oscars roll around!  
Superbowl, here we come!

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  1. The better sister
    January 17, 2011 at 8:02 pm (4 years ago)

    Love it! I simply love that you did a fashion review of the Golden Globes. So fun and I must say, even though I think you rock anyway, you hit these spot on!!! Traci D.

  2. Melissa
    January 18, 2011 at 2:15 am (4 years ago)

    Simply perfection! This was GREAT and fun.

    Although your best poofey dress award was AWFULLY close to MY senior prom dress. I'll have to share a picture!

  3. Franziska
    January 18, 2011 at 2:59 am (4 years ago)

    Where's your tweet button? This was fun!
    I didn't like Halle Berry's outfit though..

  4. Luciane at
    January 19, 2011 at 5:54 pm (4 years ago)

    Love this post! You were right about everything!!! Wow!!!

    Now, what's going on with Eva's face? I hope it's just the make-up… but her face looks fake.

    Love seeing all the dresses!


    Luciane at


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