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With Thanks Giving just a little over a week away I have gone into full blown panic mode over the state of my dining room. Most people are blogging about their beautiful fall table-scapes and autominal decor and here I am, just trying to pull my dining room together in time to slap a giant turkey in the middle before next Thursday.

I'm not one to usually get all wound up about the state of my house when it's just a few family members and close friends. Truth be told, our house has been in such a state of continuous construction for so long now it almost seems normal. But here we are, so close to having all of our projects complete and my dining room is nearing it's final destination and I'm antsy, to say the least!

Here are some inspiration photos that keep me moving forward and have me itching to be done:





I've got new slip covers arriving this week for my dining room chairs and found some really fun artwork that I'll be framing as soon as I can swing a trip to Ikea to rack up some frames. It's so close, I can taste it!

How about you? Are you ready for next week's holiday season kick off?


As always, if you know someone who needs help pulling their own space together before the holidays or any time, let me know. I'll gladly put mine on hold or just multi task…that's what we do here!


Have a great day!





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