Graphic Walls

I’ve mentioned before that we are in a constant state of remodeling.  Our baseboards are still leaning against their perspective walls after we tiled the downstairs last January because we know we’re going to be painting so we didn’t want to go to the trouble until that was completed.  In the mean time, we’re just waiting for our painters to have a hole in their busy schedule so we can hire them in to patch the hole in our kitchen ceiling where the old light fixture use to hang before we remodeled the kitchen…the reasons go on and on.

The nice thing about this length of time that has passed is that it has allowed me to really hone in on exactly what I want to do with the colors and patterns in my home.  Right now, I’m completely drawn into the idea of doing a heavily patterned wall in the living room, dining room and probably my powder room.

Here are some images that have captured my heart:












Don’t you just love the way these rooms convey an expression of fun?

I’ve been a sheer enemy of wall paper for years now, mainly, I suppose due to the amount of projects that have involved removing it


but I’m seeing it’s appeal…

Alternatively, I think I may go with a painted treatment instead unless my phobia of wall paper becomes miraculously cured.

No matter what, I’m loving the mix of patterns and designs that are out there and I can’t wait to find the one that fits our home.

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