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Feeling Frenchie: Bedroom Edition


Well, here we are on the tail end of our French influential series in which I’m pulling inspiration photos of rooms that have that rich taste of European elegance. Today, we are focusing on one of my favorite spaces to decorate: The Master Bedroom!

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important rooms in the house and yet it is often the most neglected. It’s a place that should be designed to be enveloping and a complete sensory treat, be it soft and soothing or warm and inviting. No matter what, it should invite you to rest, recharge and inspire thoughts of romance and quiet relaxation. (click here to see more beautiful images...)

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Feeling Frenchie: Dining Room and Office Edition


Happy Monday to you! We’re continuing on with our search for French inspired design and today we’re focusing on the dining room and the office area. Just a reminder, these are not entirely French but I picked them because they have that old world European flavor that we are trying to incorporate into the design scheme of the house we are working on. So without further adieu, Bon Appetit!

(click to see more beautiful images)

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Feeling Frenchie- the Kitchen And Bath Edition


Do you Parlez-vouz? After digging out all this French provincial influenced design, I believe I do!

Today we’re searching for kitchen and bathroom inspiration that has that European flavor and can speak a bit of Francais.

I picked these specifically because of their black and white details. If we end up doing black countertops, I think these are a perfect example of how chic and yet provincial they can look:

(click to see more beautiful images…)

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Feeling Frenchie – Living Room Edition


I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to be working with a really lovely new client who is in the beginning stages of building a new home.

After having met with her builder to discuss her options and some structural changes, we are soon going to be picking finishes and putting together a design concept (ooh, the fun stuff!).

She loves the look of French Provincial and has lots and lots of lovely antiques that we will be incorporating into the plan so I thought I woud pull some inspiration photos we could draw from. Some of these aren’t completely French. There’s a lot of Swedish influence to many as well as some Georgian and country and some have a mix of contemporary mixed in but I love the feel and wanted to include them so we could discect what works for our plan and what doesn’t.

For today, so that we don’t get completely overwhelmed – (click here to see these gorgeous rooms)

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The Gallery


Good morning, friends. I’m sitting here while it’s extremely early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee getting ready to slay my daily dragons and found myself honing in on some details I have been meaning to draw attention to. Today, it’s art in multiple display. This is one of those design tricks that looks so effortless but can be extremely complicated to pull off. These are examples of how it’s done, oh so right! (click here to read/see more…)

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First stop: Galveston

Trube Castle

and I’m not sure what’s up with this weather!  Funny how just a few weeks ago I was complaining about how warm our Texas weather was…where was the Christmas-ness?

Fast forward a few weeks to our cruise to Cozumel, where we spend 5 days on the ocean, enjoying 80 degree weather and fruity drinks on the water with umbrellas in them and I can say,  I wasn’t missing winter AT ALL!

I’m getting  ahead of myself though…

Before we sailed off onto the ocean blue, we spent the morning in Galveston.

May I say, what a fascinating town!  So much history and unusual culture.   At one time, it was the hub of all things international, imports, exports, etc.  There was a LOT of money made there by immigrants who saw unlimited opportunity and in doing so, they built homes that told the world of their success.

I wish we’d had  more time to explore the streets but here’s a peak at what caught my eye: (click to see more…)

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Goals for 2013

It’s January 4th (right?  My dates are all mixed up right now…anyone else dealing with a post holiday hangover?)

I know I’m a bit late in detailing my goals but I wanted to put them out there so that I have no excuses for backing down from them.  Can we say, “Accountability”?

I feel like I have achieved so much in the past year thanks to my wonderful clients and so many of you who take the time to read my tiny corner of the blogosphere.  I would really love to continue building this blog as well as build relationships with those who read it.

I was asked recently why I don’t use a traditional website for my interior design business and the answer is simple: (read more here…)

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