June 2012 archive

Ode to the Tulip (table)

                  Designers and clients alike have had a love affair with Eero Saarinen’s pedestal collection, a.k.a., the Tulip table since it’s creation in 1965. I first fell in love with this design back in college when I started studying the brilliant architect/designer’s life and all of the […]

Blog Stalking

I’m always so inspired by the millions of design bloggers out there. There are so many talented writers and designers that daily bring me a visual feast and insight to the world of international design and while I try my best to be original in content, sometimes I find it most appropriate to throw a […]

Nooks and Crannies

              …Those amazing tiny spaces that, when designed perfectly, invite you to curl up and stay for a while. I love capitalizing on a small corner or crevasse in a room and making it a focal point because it is so unexpected. Details like this are what great design […]

Thrifty Thursday

Yesterday I spent the afternoon doing one of my favorite things: Treasure hunting…a.k.a…thrift shopping. First, I dropped in on The Samaritin  Inn (big purple building, so awesome you can’t miss it) and I died when I saw this: and it even does this: I can just imagine using it like this: or spraying it  white […]

Let’s Be Open

Anyone who knows me well and has been to my house knows how much I love open shelving. For me, keeps things simple and forces me to be organized (which is something,  I’m sorry to say, that I am NOT by nature) A few years ago, my husband and I remodeled our kitchen and debated […]

The Bathroom Mirror

The 2012 Bosch Model home in Serenbe uses Ballard Designs’ window as the focal point mirror. Gorgeous! Be sure to be on the look out for unusual mirrors for your bathroom. Clearly, it makes an impressive statement. I’m off  to do a color consultation this morning then BBQ with good friends this evening. Hope your […]

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