February 2012 archive

Office Inspiration

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for ways to jazz up my work space.  It’s hard to be creative in a space that doesn’t move you.  My current office isn’t nearly where I’d like it to be but it’s getting there (like the rest of my house).  In the mean time, I […]

One Thing Down…

Which one???  I have been searching high and low for the perfect rug for our newly tiled floors in the family room and when I say HIGH, I mean I found some really expensive rugs out there that I would just LOVE to have the budget for. I really wanted a super soft shaggy rug, […]

My Dining Room in Crisis!

Well, now that you’ve seen my living room, I thought I would show you my work in progress dining room.   This is a room that I really haven’t spent a lot of time or effort on mainly because we’ve been concentrating on the rooms we use more often, such as the kitchen, family room and […]

The White House

Happy Friday to you! I’m super excited that, aside from grouting the newly laid tile in our closet and under the wash-a-ma-dryer (as my son used to call it),  our floors are finished!  This has been an ongoing project, like ALL of my projects tend to be. I’ve been busy digging up inspiration photos via […]

Thanks Emily Clark!

So, how many of you saw this fantastic office reveal from Emily Clark yesterday? I was cracking up last night while crawling around Pinterest because clearly, I’m not the only one who was super impressed with how this turned out.  I mean, seriously, it was EVERYWHERE! Truth be told, I’ve been trying to talk my […]

Color Dares

I’ve been doing a great deal of color consulting lately which is always a sure sign of spring being on it’s way.   I LOVE this time of year because people are often excited about tax returns and how they can use them to improve their homes.  I’ve been really fortunate to work with some really […]


Big changes are upon us… After months of careful consideration and advice seeking from many many trusted sources, I made the decision to close Modus Operandi Designs.  This comes with a great deal of deliberation since I started this in 2001 and had tremendous success with it while we were in California but upon moving […]

Welcome to Casa Stephens

Well, well well…here we are.   Welcome to Casa Stephens!   This is the first official blog post for this new site and I’m super excited about what’s in store.  As you can tell from the tabs above, I’m going to be sharing with you some of my passions, specifically interior design, cooking and gardening!   My husband […]