August 2010 archive

Is it Friday yet?

Is it really only Wednesday???    This week has been a roller coaster so far.  I’ll start with my 3 day blogging absence.  Here’s why: Event #1 Try typing with this.  Not fun, easy or photogenic.  Sunday afternoon, I opened my front door, which weighs around 150 pounds, stepped out side while reaching back to close […]

Marylin Monro’s House

I discovered earlier from  blogger Gwen McAuely  that Marylin Monro’s Brentwood home where she lived after her divorce from play write, Arthur Miller in 1961, was listed for sale in July and appears to be in escrow as of now.  Not to completely plagiarize her post but I was fascinated by the photos of the […]


First sneak preview of the much anticipated new online magazine, RUEvia Shelter Pop.(read about it!) These girls are living every blogger’s dream! If these photographs are any indication of what’s to come, I’m already a fan  (literally, I just joined their Facebook page!) Looking forward to delicious inspiration, Ladies!   Congratulations. Related Reading:

Something Pretty

I need something pretty to look at while I’m waiting for this project to move forward.  We’re off to an amazing start and really, the hard part is over.  Now it’s just a matter of the details so I decided to seek inspiration: from Decor Pad: I’m totally digging those lanterns and the way the […]


This weekend was one of the most productive weekends I’ve ever experienced.  It is still all so surreal!   Here’s where we were with our back yard just two weeks ago: Not impressive, to say the least. So, you can imagine how excited I was to see things evolve to this stage: It was only 105 […]

Back Yard Update

So, we all know that when contractors tell you something will take three days to plan on 7 and that’s exactly what we did.  True to form (and not entirely their fault, I may add), we had patio completion on Tuesday rather than Saturday but whatever, our back yard has kicked off to a great […]

Back Yard Dreams in the works

Anyone who’s followed my rantings and ravings for any amount of time knows that I obsess a bit over certain areas of my house, specifically, my kitchen (check!) and my back yard (so sad and desolate looking). Well, good news party people!  Tomorrow is the beginning of the end for my sorry expansive yard and […]