April 2010 archive

New Project

Just took a little trip to my local Good Will to pick these up for $5.00  (I seriously need to get better at documenting my “BEFORE”s) Brought them home, shot them with a coat of spray paint and am out the door to another thrift store to find something….what you ask?   I’ll know it when […]

Why does Blogger hate me?

Dear BlogSpot, Why are you tormenting me?  My “followers” box remaining invisible is one thing, to make me write an ENTIRE post, hit the publish button only to have you tell me “request cannot be accomplished at this time” is almost forgivable as well, but to then go back to said post to try to […]

Favorite Finds Friday~

Still stuck on my yard…after Ms. Cali attacked my newly planted vegetable garden, I realized that we’re going to need to come up with something a bit more innovative in order to keep her out of things she shouldn’t be into AND I need something that is going to be fairly low maintenance because, let’s […]

Gerard Butler…secret designer?

I came across this article from Architectural Digest on Gerard Butler’s NYC loft and think I have developed an even further crush on the actor after seeing his digs, which he claims to have done primarily himself…hot guy with great design taste???   Is it possible?? I mean, he’s OK looking, right? THIS, though…seriously, wow! Great […]

Spring Sprucing

As you might have noticed, I’ve been re-vamping some things around the blog today.I am in the process of combining my website with the blog.  It is after all, spring.  What better time to do some cleaning even if it IS via the internet.That said, I just thought I’d give you a little taste of […]

Gardening missteps to learn from~

As you know, I’ve been obsessing over my very large, but pathetically empty back yard for some time now and this past weekend, I had FINALLY had enough.I woke up Saturday morning with visions of going to the Farmer’s Market down town to have my pick of fresh veggies…namely jalapenos because, don’t ask me why, […]

Favorite Finds Friday~

Friday is here!  I’m so excited for this weekend for no other reason really except that I’m just looking forward to spending time with the family.I find myself today filled with inspiration for the ever evolving style of my home.  I’ve done a TON of color consultations lately, so color is at the for front […]

Some Sunshine for M~

When my husband and I first looked at our house back when we were house hunting, we looked at this same floor plan down the street and were ready to put in an offer…in fact, we had the paper work all ready to submit when our agent suggest we look at this one as well […]