December 2009 archive

Things I love for Friday~

Happy Friday, everyone!Busy weekend ahead with holiday parties and guests.  SO much to do, but it’s good stuff! I thought I’d close the week out with some of my favorite furniture finds.Keep in mind that  because most of these shapes have been done before in previous eras, they’re good to keep in mind while browsing […]

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa, I’ve been super good this year, in case you haven’t noticed.  AND, just in case you’ve forgotten my favorite things (I know you’ve been busy), I just thought I’d remind you: 1.  Beautiful kitchens…oh, the damage I could do.  Ina’s kitchen is ideal! 2.  Fabulous cookware.  And of course, you know I’m obsessed […]

Confessions of the severly disorganized

I have to get something off my chest and I need you to promise you’ll love me in spite of it…I am a total disorganized mess right now!  I am seriously, so overwhelmed with Christmas shopping, holiday decorating for clients, parties, kitchen remodels and trying to keep my books in order that I have dropped […]