November 2009 archive

I have an idea! Let’s remodel our kitchen the week before Thanksgiving!!!

Yes, brilliant timing, isn’t it?  When I told people what we were remodeling out kitchen the week before Thanksgiving, I got a lot of, “You know Thanksgiving is Thursday, right???”  and “You’ll never get it done by then”Well, guess what…my new counter tops were installed this morning, appliances over the weekend (except the dishwasher…its coming […]

Rainy Days…I LOVE THEM!

Rainy days are my favorite!Don’t get me wrong, I live for summer but I think because I grew up in southern California where we really only saw rain from January through March, the rain holds a magical transforming quality for me.Since moving to Texas and experiencing not just rain, but thunder and lightening as well, […]


I have officially been MISSING IN ACTION for the past couple of weeks, I’m sorry!What a crazy time it’s been for me.  I’ve been wrapping up a couple of design projects for clients, just in time for the Thanks Giving Holiday to kick off for Christmas. Might I say, that two of them have turned […]