October 2009 archive

There’s a Hotel Suite Calling My Name!

What an interesting/crazy/busy week this has been!Responsibilities to date: Two new clients, a staging consultation, mommy duties to a very busy 4 year old, advice giver to 19 year old daughter and 17 year old son (all while trying not to sound too “mom-ish” so that they take me seriously.  I mean, lets face it, […]

“A Picture is a Poem without Words”, Horace

Abstract art…what  can I say, I’m a fan!  I love artists who give us a tiny glimps through the telescope of their imagination, but leave the interpretation open.  I absolutely adore mixing really contemporary art with super traditional decor, breathing fresh air into, what could easily be a stale design. Some of us, if we’re […]

Breath it in and pass it along!

 One of my all time favorite hobbies is gardening.  Having lived most of my life in southern California, I’m accustomed to having lemon trees, fresh peppers, roses, lavender and herbs growing all year long.  Since moving to Texas last year, I’ve had to accept the fact that the growing season is just that, seasonal.Being the […]

Kansas City, Here We Come!

So, every year for my husband’s birthday, we take a trip to Kansas City, MO to visit his brother Ryan, his wife, Melissa and their two fabulous kids, Tanner and Harper, also his sister, Terri and her husband, Scott. What makes this trip especially exciting (for my husband in particular) is that we always go […]

Toile de Jouy

I went shopping today for fabric for a client I’m working with and came across some surprising finds.Let me qualify this with a disclaimer, I’m not usually a lover of Toile. I fact, I can pretty much say with complete conviction that I usually think of it as dated, boring and, for lack of a […]

Oh Facebook, your so cool!

As much time as some of us (by “us” I mean “I”) spend on Facebook, catching up with friends and scrolling to find out the important details of what they’ve had for lunch, what’s setting them off for the day, and every random  itemized thought that they feel the compulsion to post about, wouldn’t it […]