How to Stage your home for resale

Interior Design for The Woodlands, Spring, Houston and Surrounding areas by Casa Stephens Interiors

What is STAGING?   Simply put, it’s the method of making the property to be sold appeal to the largest quantity of potential buyers. I read an article the other day in the Houston Chronicle that said Houston gained more new residents last year than any other city in the country with the exception of New […]

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Kids


I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t grow up sharing a room. Since my sister and I are 11 years apart, we always had our own spaces, with the exception of a short few months at my grandmother’s beach house when we were in between houses during a move when I was around 14. And while […]

Friday on the Web: Literary Print Art

Fun literary art prints on Casa Stephens

Did you hear the story about the Fiat factory worker  in Rome who has had 2 priceless (previously stolen) works of art hanging in his dining room for the last 40 years?  Can you imagine?!  I have, obviously never had such luck and I’m guessing you haven’t either.  If you have, we need to be […]

This week on the web

Instagram Invitation

I’m always so amazed by the level of talent in the blogging community.  Aren’t you? This week I’ve been especially inspired for some reason.  Maybe it’s the hits of warmer weather and the official arrival of spring but I’ve found myself particularly optimistic about the beauty and creativity I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Here […]

Shopping with LocalMart


It’s not big secret that designers love nothing more than stumbling across a really awesome vintage piece of furniture.  It’s also no secret that finding an incredible deal on said piece is like hitting the jack pot.  You may be wondering how and where these deals are found.  Fact is, they’re often sitting in someone’s […]

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