Backyard Inpiration / Dreaming of Spring

backyard inspiration

Who’s ready for spring?  Anyone?  Living in the Houston area, we’ve had this crazy yo-yo weather…one week it’s nearly 80 degrees, the next its freezing rain.  I’m sitting here, recuperating from a minor foot injury, looking out my bedroom window at the tragedy that is my back yard.  I’d post a photo but I’m almost […] Read more…

Blue Velvet Sectionals

Blue Velvet Sectional 7 on Casa Stephens Interiors Blog

Is there such a thing as sofa season?  If there isn’t, there should be.  Lately, I’ve been designing living room after living room with three main factors in mind. 1.)  They have to be pretty enough to function as a formal or casual space 2.)  They have maximize entertaining space 3.)  They have to be […] Read more…

Weekly Meal Plan from Around the Web

Weekly Meal Plan from around the web

Hello and happy Monday to you!  This week has all kinds of good things in store and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.  I’m on the cusp of finishing a long awaited design project, I’m kicking up my workout/clean eating commitment and counting down the weeks before two very anticipated vacations since we […] Read more…

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Kids


I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t grow up sharing a room. Since my sister and I are 11 years apart, we always had our own spaces, with the exception of a short few months at my grandmother’s beach house when we were in between houses during a move when I was around 14. And while […] Read more…

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